Visit Length

Individuals - 50 minutes  

Couples and families - 75 minutes


Accepted Payment Methods

  Payment is due at time of visit. Currently, I am a provider for Cigna Health Insurance E.A.P, H.M.O & P.P.0., Medicare, and California Victim of Crime Compensation Program. If you do not have that insurance, I will accept you as a private pay client, where you can pay cash or check for your session time. Another option may be to use me as an "out-of-network provider". This means your insurance will pay you a portion of your cost, after submitting a claim. I am happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork if you should decide to choose this option. 


Why Private Pay?

The unique benefit of being a private pay client is that I am not required to report your diagnosis or treatment plan to your insurance provider. For this reason, you retain more privacy regarding your condition and reasons for attending therapy. I am also able to use more flexible and unique methods of treatment with you since I am not restricted by an insurance company panel, who may have influence on your delivery of care. 

After scheduling an appointment with me, here are the next steps....

1.  Before our first visit, please read carefully the Privacy Practices and Informed Consent forms. 

2. Complete and sign the Intake Form (Please note: Child or Adult), Receipt and Acknowledgement, Release of Information,
and Informed Consent

3. If you are using your insurance, please complete and sign the Insurance Form and provide to me prior to our first session. 

4. Complete and sign the Reiki Consent Form if you are interested in receiving some energy healing during our sessions. (Optional)


Please print and bring these to our first meeting. We can discuss any questions you may have about the forms at that time.

*Please noteI cannot begin treatment with you until this process is complete.

ADULT CONSENTS_________________________________________

Adult Intake Form

Adult Consent Form

 PRIVACY AND HIPPA FORMS_________________________________

Notice Of Privacy Practices (Read Only)

Receipt and Acknowledgement of Notice

Release of Information 

  ENERGY HEALING CONSENT__________________________________

Reiki Consent

                                                                  CHILD CONSENTS___________________________________________

Child Consent Forms

Child Intake Form

Joint Custody Paperwork

Agreement for Parents

                                                                  INSURANCE FORM__________________________________

Insurance Information (Only for Clients Using Insurance)