It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.
— Joseph Campbell

Education is often the first step to healing and finding hope for the future. For this reason community outreach is the part of my work that I am most passionate about. I am available to provide consultation services or continued education presentations in healthcare settings, corporate gatherings, schools and within other community groups and venues on any of the topics listed below. Please contact me if there is a topic you are interested in hearing more about, but is not listed. 

Together, we can discus ways I can better meet your group's needs.


Click HERE to listen to a recent discussion I had with Dr. Bob Uslander for his podcast, A Life and Death Conversation.  Dr. Bob and his team are a great resource for end of life care. Check out their website, 

- Grief 101: Surviving Life After Loss

-Self Compassion for the Compassionate Caregiver

- Anticipatory Grief

-Workplace Grief

-Supporting Children Through Grief

-Depression: A Holistic Approach to Treatment and Healing

- The Resistant Client: Delivering Quality Care with Compassion

- Maintaining Professional Boundaries

- Advance Care Planning

- Delivering Bad News

- Balancing Stress in Work and Life  

- Navigating Major Life Transitions: Finding Peace From Within

- Care for the Caregiver

- Healing Through the Holidays